jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013



Hi Laura,

I have got a lot og thing to tell you about my firts year at college.

The studies are very interesting for me now but at the beginning it was very stressful because everithing there was new for me and I had a lot of work to do in groups with people who I didn't know and you know that I'm very shy.

In February I sang in front of people in a music exam and it was a terrible experience for me.

Now, I have English lessons and I'm feeling stressed because as you know I'm not good at English but the lessons are fine and we practise a lot which I really like.

In general, I'm proud because I'm doing what I always wanted to do.

I have to finish now because I have to go to my class.

Keep in touch!




Nowadays education is changing and the methodologies are changing too, but are traditional methodologies still better than modern methodologies?

On the one hand, traditional methodologies have good results because a lot of students who were tought with them went to the university, but is the goal of education having good marks or learning?

On the other hand, traditional methodologies focus on memorising but not on practice or learning like modern ones. Also, for traditional methodologies only the students who want to go to the university are important  but all kinds of people are important for modern methodologies like in real life or maybe we not phone a technician when our computer crashes?

In conclusion, modern methodologies are still better because they are focus on learning and is for all students, whetter want they to go to university or to do something else. So, in my opinion, education should be based only on new methodologies to teach students.

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